Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fun times in the USA

We had fun in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Hot weather, lemon Martinis, shopping at J Crew & Anthropologie, Hollywood, Venice Beach, a spin on the roulette wheel, Aunty Ann's Pretzels, the Pacific Ocean and the end of Route 66. Good times indeed.

Bel soaking up the sun on Santa Monica beach.

Hurray for Hollywood.

Gorgeous beach houses at Santa Monica.
The Las Vegas Strip.

Beware of the tsunami....

Hollywood Boulevard.


  1. I want a lemon martini right now! Sounds like a great holiday and lovely pics. (Glad you enjoyed The Interestings, by the way, I loved it, too)

    1. Thank you, yes I really enjoyed The Interestings, I bought another of her books now, The Wife, look forward to reading it!